This workshop was tested and developed for entrepreneurs and business looking for...

When you don't have the right tools/knowledge or resources, you have to put in twice the amount of time effort for half the output. We want you to stop stressing about your competition, wasted time and budgets, feel like you're being taken advantage of and loss of reputation. We developed these for ourselves to help us make better decisions, reduce our workload and create a passional group of thriving customer.

  • More Confidence in Action - Removing Doubt + Anxiety Through Insight

  • Better Efficiency - Less Management, More Meaningful Work Completed

  • More Ease of Growth and Expanding into Their Potential

This Workshop Includes

  • The Primer Workbook

    A downloadable PDF Workbook with all the worksheets with all the instructions exercies for you and your team.

  • Video Walkthoughs

    Instructional Videos to walk you through each and every exercise explaining how to get the absolute most out of each one.

  • Resources

    Articles and case studies to help you take a deeper dive and help you expand on your new found insights.

Why this (actually) works

The 12+ years in development and partnership with our clients
have helped us create something truly special.
We've learned...

  • It’s about you and your team's collective wisdom.

    We just create conditions that enable people to discover insights for themselves - so they can arrive at their own conclusions

  • This is about YOUR intuition and your gut feeling

    This is unlike any other exercise - it’s essentially a multiple choice of all right answers. All you have to do is pick the ones that are authentic to you.

  • Why the time constraint?

    This is about reacting to the words not thinking, reflecting or discussing, which comes later...
    So get set up, and lets get to it.

    Exercises and Media Include

It starts with The Core Value Foundational Exercise - Typically a 60 - 90 minute intense but intuitive personal or team driven exercise, which includes:


- A Quick Background
- Branding - so were on the same page
- Reading material
- Getting the most out of this workshop
- Prep exercise 1
- Prep exercise 2
- Final notes



Workbook: everything you need complete the workshop, chapters include:

- Lets Explore Why
- Branding By The Numbers
- First Things First
- To Get The Absolute Most Out Of This
- If You’re Doing It Right
- Core Values List
- My Current + Aspirational Values List
- Values Integration
- Project Integration
- Next Steps

Video: Insights and intros to each exercise


Getting Value Clarity - Capture the values that authentically fit you.

Values Expansion - Adding depth and power to your values.

Value Integration - Goal mapping,  execution and resources plan.

Reference + resources materials

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