Brady Dahmer

Developer + Creator

Brady Dahmer is a multiple award-winning designer and creative entrepreneur. He is the founder of Central Branch, a branding and creative intelligence agency that is dedicated to empowering businesses by helping them better understand themselves and what they offer in the marketplace.

Brady has over 20 years experience running a successful design agency and was a course developer and faculty member of a national art school. He has held board positions for a number of leading arts foundations and events, and has been actively involved with entrepreneurs, Fortune 500 companies, current and future leaders and revolutionary thinkers throughout his career.

Based on his experience working with companies of all sizes, Brady identified a need for what he’s coined a 'Brand Primer’to take companies further, faster. Offered as a series of intuitive, effective training exercises and workshops and delivered in intimate business settings, his workshops allow participants to walk away with a true reveal of their brand essence and creative positioning.

With exceptional results at the boardroom level, Brady decided he needed to deliver the training more broadly, and for the first time is offering his proven tools online through the Primer Workshop Series. Brady is a people-first leader who empowers businesses to rise to their greatest potential.

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